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Papyrus selects one old book every year and creates a calendar based on the pictures drawn there.

From Gutenberg's inventor of letterpress printing until the beginning of the 20th century, the letters of the book were printed using letterpress, which was made by combining independent metal plates, and the figure was printed using wood or copper plates. Was there. Woodcuts and copperplates are techniques that are used mainly in the field of art in modern times, and the books of that time have very tasty pictures left in each book. Every year, we introduce to you one book with pictures drawn by famous painters and nameless painters.

Hand-carved plate

From the 2019 calendar, the PAPYRUS shopkeeper will hand-carve a plate based on the design of the old book on all the printed parts of the calendar body, notebook, obi, and box except the explanation card, and press the plate one by one to create a calendar. doing. For the date part, we make a letterpress that combines blocks, and press the plate that is rearranged every month separately from the design part.

I would be happy if I could share the charm and taste of the hand-carved version with you.

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