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There is a PAPYRUS shop at the foot of Yatsugatake in Yamanashi prefecture. We handle stationery, books, minerals, natural history illustrations, etc.


Please feel free to drop by when you wake up near you. In addition, we may be able to respond if you contact us in advance even on non-business days. Please feel free to contact us if you are coming from afar.


◈ ♦ Coronavirus infection prevention ♦ ◈

  • In order for everyone to use the store with peace of mind, we restrict entry when the number of customers in the store exceeds four. We kindly ask for your understanding that you may have to wait by car.

  • At the store, we have introduced an air conditioner with an air purifying function to ventilate the store and clean the air.

  • With the introduction of the SQUARE terminal, we support various contactless payments.

  • Please wear a mask when entering the store.

  • Alcohol disinfectant is available at the store, so please use it when entering or leaving the store.





* The location may not be displayed correctly when searching for an address or phone number in a car navigation system.

If you use " Google Map " on your computer or smartphone , you can search for the location correctly by address, phone number, keywords, etc.

Special writing tools

We have a lineup of unique writing instruments such as old vintage pens, writing instruments from overseas manufacturers, dip pens and handmade ballpoint pens that can transform the act of everyday core into a more special experience.

You may find your own precious pen that no one knows.

Minerals and natural history illustrations
How much impact does a little emotion have on our lives? We live according to such impressions without knowing it.

-Vincent Van Gogh-

When I was young, my dad took me to a small mineral store in the basement of a bookstore. There were fossils of fish and ammonites, and minerals of beautiful colors and shapes that could not be seen in the world. I kept looking at it without getting tired of it.

I am still chasing the image of the world seen through the small stone grains at that time.

There are also picture books and books on the natural sciences.

Who melts the ice?

Who will grow a four-leaf clover in June?

Who will take down the night book?

Who lights the moon?

-Leo Lionni "Frederick"

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